The Vegan Lifestyle

Being vegan is about living a lifestyle where nutritious and delicious food is just the cherry on the cake. On top of eating delicious and nutritious food a vegan lifestyle has other numerous benefits. Loosing Weight is one of the most noticeable by reaching 20 pounds less than the meat eaters. Being vegan helps you save more than 100 animals per year. Eating green will help you live longer and better avoiding common diseases and strengthening your immune system. Look sexy and feel energized! By gaining the right nutrients your body will look and feel lighter and healthier!  

About VeganUs

VeganUs is a space for you and me, who are vegans or aspire to become vegans.  VeganUs is first about food, with the key mission around exploring delicious and nutritious vegan food, the key barrier to veganism.  VeganUs is also about the lifestyle, one that emphasizes cruelty free products, environmental protection, and active low-carbon lifestyle.  Ultimately, VeganUs should be a space for people who have the same passion and belief to come together and share.  I hope you enjoy the contents and enjoy being part of the vegan family!

Warmest wishes, Jessie

Recipe of the Week

Grapefruit Brulee!

Directions: – Cut a grapefruit in half, then cut between the membranes to loosen the segments, but keep them in place. – Sprinkle each half with 2 teaspoons fine sugar. – Caramelize the sugar with a kitchen torch. – Top with raspberries.

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easy vegan desserts!

Save the Planet

Being vegan is about living a lifestyle that above eating nutritious and delicious food does not cause suffering, harm or death to animals. Animals are sentient beings like us, with their own needs, desires and interests. We now know that like us, they can experience a wide range of sensations and emotions such as happiness, pain, pleasure, fear, hunger, sadness, boredom, frustration or contentment. They are aware of the world and what happens to them matters to them. Their lives have intrinsic value - they are not inferior beings nor just here as resources or tools for human use.

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