Vegan Dinner

Variety trough tasty dishes

A vegan dinner might sound formidable to make – how in the world would it be possible to find so many different vegan ingredients and turn them into tasty dishes with enough variety?  Indeed it is not easy, as reflected by the very similar menu that you find in most vegan restaurants – blackbean sliders, lentil burgers, grilled seitan, and 10 different types of salads.  🙂

The truth is, there are numerous possibilities with vegan dishes, and they can taste equally good or better than the meat dishes.  That is to say, you don’t have to sacrifice anything to be a vegan!

Over the next a few months, I will share with you much of my experience getting great food out of the vegan ingredients.  To start with, here is a quick snap of a recent dinner. 🙂




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